A Personal Pain of View -
A Site & Blog for Patients Trying to Survive the Very Unhealthy World of
Medicine and Treatment
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You can submit soon. Please stay tuned. And thanks for listening.
This site gives the Patients a spot to exchange knowlege, feelings, solutions and obstacles.
I am starting it - looking for others to make it meaningful and useful for anyone on
A Personal Pain of View.
Our Pages
​We are starting this site with the special areas closest to my heart  -

I. Severe and Chronic Pain Management Patients

II. Paralysis and/or  Amputation Patients

III. Organ failure, Organ donation

WE R Failing our friends and family in need here!! Darn it People!
Organ donation - We WILL SHOW U HOW 2 CHANGE THIS NOW!
While many of us here at apersonalpainofview.com may not be able to donate right now, many can.
Family can. Friends can.
Please don't let this year of 2016 go by without U or Your fam saying YES! to being an organ donor.
This Private Site will help get you to the starting point and give you some directions.

Next Section up will be:
IV. Mental Health - staying or getting healthy in this Tin Pan Alley (SRV) section of medicine & treatments: rights; advocates;

We start here. If any interest is shown I will build it out. I will add new pages and sections.
Please have patience with me and I will do the same with you.
Thanks for Listening.
Thanks for Sharing.
About Us
We are just getting started.
Maybe it is time the PATIENTS get some voice and control on OUR  journey through Medicine & Treatments.

We won't quit on each other!