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Family, friends, pets, business people all feel it when someone they ineract with is in severe pain just about ALL THE TIME
Pain - no Severe pain - no Severe Chronic Pain due to Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy bilateral lower limbs & feet. Restless Limbs Syndrome. Bilateral Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, ...

Pain - Empathize with her pain


Pick your motivationdaily pieces, bundle em up and feel your energy surge.
 How can i expect the Texas Medical Board, Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of State & Local and Federal Governments to understamd and truly empathize with my pain? When I couldn't even empathize with the severe chronic nerve pain that the love of my life, mother to our two incredible kids, felt for over 20 years before her pre-mature passing in May 2012 - I couldn't empathize - really - until I started feeling pain in my feet. Why all of a sudden could my feet no longer bear the touch of the sheets??!!